Drainage Issues

Drainage Issues, Newnan, GA

Your landscape has drainage issues if excess water is pooling or dripping in places where it should not be. Although it does not cause any significant damage yet, it is important to act on it immediately. These are the types of landscape problems that require immediate attention because they may cause more damage to various parts of your outdoor living area, such as your plants and other structures on your property. Also, evident water issues on your landscape may only be a symptom of the worst problem underneath.

Possible Consequences of Drainage Issues

Ignoring any sign of drainage issues in your outdoor landscape area may cause more serious problems. Here are some of the possible consequences associated with poor or defective drainages:

  • Structural Damage - although water affects soil, it can also affect any structures built on the soil. When soil erosion occurs, a structure may start to collapse or break because of the lack of support for the foundation.
  • Plant Drowning and Root Disease - plants need water, but too much water, like floods, could drown them. Standing water attracts insects and molds which could be lethal to the health of your plants. Also, excess water can expose the roots of your trees and plants to fungal diseases.
  • Bug Increase - mosquitoes breed on standing water, and if your landscape drainage is not fixed at once, they may multiply and harm not only you but your family and neighbors as well.

Highly Recommended Drainage Solutions

We at Four Seasons Landscape Management provide various solutions to drainage issues in your landscape. Our solutions will provide positive results that will let you enjoy a more beautiful, functional, and damage-free outdoor area. The different types of drainage that we install are designed for specific purposes in certain areas of a landscape. Drain tile systems can be used in almost any area in your landscape and are popular choices because they relocate, distribute, and collect excess water efficiently. Gutters and downspouts help isolate areas where water can flow. They direct water in certain areas to prevent flooding and erosion. Surface and sub-surface drainage systems require careful planning and installation, but they are very effective in keeping excess water from pooling.

A Reliable Service for Drainage Issues

Drainage issues are not something that you should neglect. Drainage is one of the most basic and most important factors to consider in a landscape. If you already have one but are experiencing problems with it, we can help repair or replace it with a system that would work better for a longer time. Call us today for more information and for a quote on our affordable drainage solutions for Georgia property owners.